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Contribution Fee
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Type of members

Contributing member is any individual or business who is an active member of the movement, attends regular meetings and contributes to projects and events.

Regular member is any individual or business who want to be a part of the movement, who by choice, do not want to regularly participate in the generation administration of the organisation.

The register of members of the Filipino Food Movement Australia Inc. is a list of officers and members, kept by the Secretary of the association/movement in an Excel sheet file. The file is available to view by anyone from the group, and is located as an electronic file in NSW.

Fees, subscriptions etc .
An annual membership fee of $60 for contributing members and $120 for regular members such as individuals and business owners shall be due each membership at the time of acceptance to the association/movement. The membership fee will be used for administrative expenses associated with running the organisation, such as registration of the association, marketing collaterals (logos, banners, etc.).

Membership Plans:

Membership to the Filipino Food Movement Australia is by invitation and referral of existing members. Any person of Filipino heritage and/or has commitment and passion for the culinary history and culture of the Philippines and proactively wants to take part in promoting Filipino culinary arts and cuisine to the wider community is welcome to be part of the association/movement.

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