Mabuhay Nights Inaugural Pop Up Dinner Series
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Mabuhay Nights Inaugural Pop Up Dinner Series

Mabuhay!  It’s a term that evokes a myriad of joyful emotions, and to Filipinos it’s a greeting that means “Welcome!”, “To Life!”, or even just simply, a heartfelt “hello”.  

In the Mabuhay spirit, the Filipino Food Movement Australia is hosting is inaugural MABUHAY NIGHTS pop-up dining series, the first in what will be a continuous succession of events that will showcase the depth, variety and distinctiveness of Filipino food, and, in turn, showcase Filipino culture. 

Chef Andrei Balingit and up-and-coming young Filipina chef Dhanette Dizon will create a unique dining experience, and lead diners on an exotic culinary journey through the Southern Luzon region of the Philippines. They will use seasonal, local Australian produce alongside much-loved Filipino elements. The star ingredient for this 6-course event, including bottomless rice, will be the coconut, ubiquitous in Filipino cuisine.  

The first Mabuhay Nights event will be held at Sydney Cebu Lechon in Enmore, and will offer 2 seatings, the first from 6pm to 730pm and the second from 8:00pm to 930 pm. 

As both chefs have acquired professional experiences within the walls of established kitchens, they’re both now eager to show the world what Filipino food has to offer through this pop-up event.

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