Mabuhay Nights - Salo Series

Through her Salo Series of pop-up Kamayan dinners, Yana Gilbuena joined forces with the Filipino Food Movement Australia on Tuesday 9th July and Wednesday 10th July 2019 to the most colourful Kamayan Feast Sydney had ever seen.

Yana Gilbuena, a critically-acclaimed global nomadic chef who’s travelled through all fifty states of the USA (and  8 provinces in Canada, 4 cities in Mexico, and 3 states in Colombia) was welcomed with open arms as Sydney siders indulged in Tasmanian Salmon Sinigang Poke and Kabuteng Sisig. Sydney Cebu Lechon kindly presented their mouth-watering signature Lechon and Hanmade Desserts prepared a specially made Pan De Coco Sans rival to mark the occasion. The table was laid with banana leaves and with the use of hands only - everyone was scooping delicious morsels of food into their mouths gasping in delight. Using ingredients sourced in Australia, we were greeted with the freshest of tastes containing the elements of Filipino cuisine.

We are honoured Yana Gilbuena visited our shores promoting Filipino Kamayan to Sydney and we look forward to seeing her again soon.

Photography: @sweetandyummie

Photography: @sweetandyummie


What is Kamayan?

Put simply, it’s a style of eating done with your hands (“kamay” means hand” in Filipino), and pre-Spanish colonisation, Filipinos ate Kamayan-style in day-to-day life.  Whilst their Spanish colonisers saw this as uncouth, Filipinos have maintained this custom and it exists to this day.  Sometimes called a boodle fight or boodle feast, Kamayan eating allows diners to relax and disregard strict, stiff etiquette guidelines.  You may find Filipinos eating, for example rice and chicken in the same delicate handful, but it’s all in the fun!   

Kamayan Menu

Tasmanian Salmon Sinigang Poke

Kabuteng Sisig


Kanin, Niyog at turmeric


Pan De Coco Sans rival

Niyog at Tsokolate-eh


Yana Gilbuena

Filipino-born, critically acclaimed global nomadic chef, Yana Gilbuena started Salo Series to share with the world the vibrant food culture of the Ph1l1pp1nes. The Salo Series hosts Filipino Kamayan dinners, In which food is served on communal tables decked with banana leaves, and guests are asked to eat with their hands. In her American tour, Yana hosted pop-up dinners in 50 states in 50 weeks, as well as across Canada, Mexico, Colombia and her home country, Philippines. She is a 2017 Stone Barns Exchange Fellow and has also been featured in ma1or publications such as The New York Times and National Geographic. She's been published in The Cherry Bombe Cookbook, Feed the Resistance and has self-published her own: No Forks Given this March 2019. This global culinary nomad aims to further her mission by hosting a Salo on every continent and sharing the culture and heritage of the Philippines, one Kamayan at a time.

Hannah Tamayo

Filipina Dessert maker Hannah Tamayo moved to Australia 13 years ago and now resides in Western Sydney. Graduating in Business and Commerce majoring in management, her passion for desserts & baking became stronger and continued her studies completing a Certificate 3 in Retail Baking to develop her skills and love for all things sweet. Having worked as a Pastry Chef at Short Stop, Hannah gained the understanding, knowledge and the experience to help her set up her own dessert business called Hanmade Desserts

Will Mahusay

Filipino Lechonero Will Mahusay migrated to Australia in the Iate 80's. Having spent 18 years in the corporate world - his calling was where his roots stemmed. His family of long time Lechoneros in Cebu restarted their business in Western Sydney growing it to now a larger warehouse catering to the greater Filipino community in all things Lechon. His Lola (Grandmother) loved food and this passion has provided him the courage to now be Sydney's premier purveyor of Cebu Lechon.